About us
Gem Stones

NAZIM BROTHERS was founded in 1968 by  ABDUL MAJEED NAZIMUDEEN . who is well

known as a  pioneer in the glittering gemstone  industry. The NAZIM family group, madeup of 

300 members, has managed to create their own mini dynasty within this often closed  world

through hard work, canny marketing  and no small amount of luck.And it has done  it  so while

gaining respect and admiration  from many of its peers. NAZIM BROTHERS is proud  to have a

good reputation for being  honest. The nazim group has a world wide  reach and has a high

profile  fixtures  at trade fairs throughout the region, attending more than 15 shows each year. If

you are looking for any kind of precious or semi precious stones you are in the  right  place. we

are sure that we will definitely full fill your demand.